We produce a wide range of training materials, ranging from educational resource packs and printed informational literature to videos and downloadable flow charts and forms to support your consent and evidence processes.

Train the trainer resource pack

The Sexual and Domestic Violence Resource Pack is designed to equip trainers with the information and resources for a one-hour interactive teaching session for Foundation doctors, to meet the requirements of the 2014 curriculum. This resource pack, which focuses on adults, was produced by the Havens with South Thames Foundation School (STFS).

Training toolkit

In collaboration with S.I.G.N.A.L.e.V. in Berlin (Germany), the University Clinic for Medical Psychology, Psychotraumatoloty and Trauma Therapy department in Innsbruck (Austria) and Gerencia Regional de Salud, SACYL, in Valladolid (Spain), the Havens have produced a training toolkit to improve the transfer of learning into practice.

The toolkit – Improving transfer of learning into practice from training courses on violence against women (pdf) – can be used as a guide for trainers, organisations and participants before, during and after attending training on the subject. You are free to use the toolkit as you see fit but please acknowledge the source should you wish to use any of the materials.

Interactive resources

Where’s your line? is aimed at teachers and youth workers who want to educate young people about sexual violence. The video shows the events leading up to an assault, and the assault itself. It encourages viewers to discuss what happens, and say where they would ‘draw the line’ and go no further.

Forensic training

We have produced two short training DVDs aimed at healthcare professionals who have first contact with victims of rape and need to preserve vital early evidence. Both can be used to train large numbers of clinicians. To request a free copy of ‘Care and Evidence’ and/or ‘Clinical Guidance for Forensic Examiners following Sexual Assault: Good & Bad Practice’, please email: kch-tr.havenseducation@nhs.net

We also have a separate Care and Evidence website which has more detailed advice for professionals about best practice in the care of people who have been sexually assaulted, and evidence collection and preservation. Developed with Home Office funding, it includes:

  • Access to the two training film modules that make up the ‘Care and Evidence’ DVD – ‘Care’, which is about looking after the victim; ‘Evidence’ which shows how to collect and preserve evidence.
  • Printable flow charts to help A&E departments and GPs liaise with the Havens.
  • Printable forms for use within your department, including ‘chain of evidence’ and ‘early evidence consent’.
  • Downloadable training materials.