Our follow-up care gives you the chance to get more support, advice and information to help you to recover both physically and emotionally.

You can talk to us about any concerns. And we can help you to decide what you want to do next and whether you want longer-term support.

It’s up to you which services you use for any follow-up care. If you prefer, you can go to another healthcare centre, such as your local sexual health clinic.

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We provide a wide range of tests and treatments to help make sure you are physically ok.

STI tests/results

We will offer you a full health screen for common sexually transmitted infections (STIs) including HIV. The sexual offences examiner won’t have tested you for these at your forensic medical examination (if you had one) because it is too early to detect them then.

We may offer you a course of hepatitis B injections (vaccinations) and, if appropriate, post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) to reduce your risk of HIV infection. You can also get any results, find out what they mean and get a prescription for any medication you need.


You can have a pregnancy test and we can also give you emergency contraception.

Getting emotional support can be very important. Not everyone has the support of family, friends or a partner. Even if you do, you might want to talk to someone else about how you are feeling.

We have counsellors and clinical psychologists you can talk to. They are experienced in working with people who have been assaulted. They will try to help you understand how you are feeling and come to terms with what happened.

You can make an appointment to meet with them and find out what kind of support is best for you. This may mean having weekly counselling or psychology sessions at the Havens. Or they may refer you elsewhere for ongoing support.

We offer follow-up services and ongoing support to everyone who comes to the Havens.

You can also use them if you haven’t been here before, up to 12 months after the assault.

They’re open to everyone aged 13 and over. If you are under 13, we will refer you to a community paediatrician (children’s doctor) in your local area for this care. If you are aged 13-17, we can refer you for counselling externally. We also offer other specialist support for young people. 

You usually have your first follow-up appointment at one of the Havens 14 days after the rape or assault – if it happened very recently – and another one three months later.

You may come back to see us several times for things such as counselling, or we may refer you elsewhere for aftercare.


You are welcome to bring a friend, family member of partner with you for support. But we will want to speak to you on your own during your visit, so you have a chance to talk and ask us about everything you need to.

Counselling and psychology sessions are for you to attend alone, unless you have agreed with the counsellor or clinical psychologist that you can have someone with you.